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Water Kooler  /  Water Kooler 100% Premix

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Sold by Gallon


  • SynMax™ Water Kooler ™ Premium Coolant System Liquid Technology

  • 100% PREMIX with Pure 7.0 pH Balance Water

  • Direct Use & Ready-to-Go no mixing required.

  • All the performance advantages of regular

SynMax™ Water-Kooler™ is a coolant system treatment for the entire engine & radiator coolant system for both gasoline and diesel applications 100% PREMIX enhancing glycol (to a premium anti-freeze). SynMax™ Water-Kooler™ thermal chemical & liquid cooling technology increases coolant system performance capability while reducing coolant / metal surface and cylinder head temperatures. Up to double the chemical additive concentration levels as compared to other comparable products for premium performance and protection for extreme duty racing, heavy duty commercial & standard applications. Improved coolant system capability increases engine efficiency & performance.

Applications & Use:


100% PREMIX Uses pH Neutral (pH 7.0) water with exact Water Kooler™ chemical concentration levels for maximum coolant efficiency reducing mineral impurities & contaminates. Extreme Duty Automotive Racing Use Straight 100% PREMIX DO NOT USE ANY OTHER WATER. Heavy Duty Application (Commercial and Trucking) 100% Pre-Mix use 50/50 Glycol. Automotive Diesel / Gasoline / Propane 100% Pre-Mix use with 50/50 Glycol. All types of antifreeze / glycol mixtures including modern extended life coolants.

Features & Benefits:

  • SynMax™ Water-Kooler™ thermal chemical & liquid cooling technology increases coolant system capability, increasing engine efficiency, performance & life.

  • Up to double the heat transfer properties of water alone, enhancing a higher boiling point.

  • Reduces coolant system / cylinder head temperatures & potential for overheating.

  • SynMax™ Water-Moly & Anti-Wear Technology™ lubricates & protects the water pump bearing, seal, shaft and impeller increasing water pump efficiency, performance & life.

  • Increases water “slipperiness” to coat & reduce surface tension within radiator & system.

  • Monomolecular film / coating formation on all metal surfaces including aluminum.

  • Prevents foaming & cavitation by reducing air or vapor bubble formation. Electrolysis prevention through:

  1. Acid & pH neutralization.

  2. Coats & insulates metal parts to prevent electrical current.

  3. Prevention of galvanic corrosion.

  • Inhibitor film with cleansing & anti-oxidation protection prevents erosion, corrosion, scale deposits & pitting especially for aluminum, copper, brass, its other alloys & other metals.

  • Prevention of the formation of rust, scale & iron corrosion deposits while removing of existing rust, scale & iron corrosion deposits, while the engine is in operation.

  • Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive when used in coolant concentration.

  • Will not support bacterial growth due to its low nitrate formulation.

  • PH Neutralization of harmful acids that result of (anti-freeze) glycol chemical breaks down.

  • Prevention of the formation of “green goo” from (anti-freeze) glycol break-down.

  • Will not affect gaskets and hoses.

  • Will not lower coolant system (100% water) freeze point, NOT a substitution alone for (anti-freeze).


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