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Water Kooler  /  Single 16 oz Concentrate

WaterKooler 6oz.jpg



  • SynMax™ Water Kooler ™ Premium Coolant System Liquid Technology

  • Improves Engine Efficiency

  • Water Temp Reduced 20F

  • Increases Thermal (heat) Transfer capability

  • Anti-Corrosion & Rust

  • Moly - Pump Lubrication

  • Anti-Foam & Electrolysis

  • Concentrated strength does not require double treatment Treats up to a 3 gal. system

  • Requires pH 7.0 Distilled water

SynMax™ Water Kooler ™ 16 oz concentrate is a Premium Coolant System Treatment (up to 3 Gal) for the entire engine & radiator coolant system. Enhances standard glycol to a premium product. (SynMax™ Water Kooler ™) is not an Anti-Freeze. Racing (100% water alone) one 16 oz bottle. (Does not need double treatment) Advanced heat transfer & liquid technology increases coolant system performance. Protection & engine efficiency. Two times the chemical concentration levels as compared to similar products. Non-toxic & environmentally friendly. Reduces coolant system & cylinder head temps while enhancing a higher boiling point. 50-75% more cooling properties as compared to water alone. Lubricates water pump seals. Improves water "slipperiness" by reducing friction & tension upon metal surfaces with a special inhibitor coating & insulation film. Cleansing & anti-oxidation protection prevents corrosion, scale deposits & pitting. Suppresses foaming & cavitations by reducing air bubble formations within coolant system. Electrolysis (electrical current) prevention with film coating & acid / pH neutralization. ONLY use 7.0 pH purified or distilled water which reduces coolant system contaminates.

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