SynMax 99007 - Water Kooler Concentrate 16 oz

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Water-Kooler - Coolant System Treatment. Product Information:

• Concentrate treats up to 3 gallons

• Protects the entire engine and radiator coolant system.

• Up to double the chemical additive concentration levels as compared to other comparable products.

• Premium thermal chemical & liquid cooling technology increases coolant system capability average of 10% (20F), while improving engine performance, efficiency and life.


Applications & Use:

• Extreme Duty Automotive Racing (Use One Complete bottle - no need for double treatment)

• Standard Automotive Gasoline (Commercial and Trucking)

• Heavy Duty Diesel (Commercial and Trucking)

• Maximum protection: one-pint bottle treatment per 2 gallons.


Features & Benefits:

• Up to double the heat transfer properties of water alone while enhancing a higher boiling point.

• Reduces coolant system / cylinder head temperatures & potential for overheating.

• Prevents foaming & cavitations by reducing air or vapor bubble formations.

• Performance inhibitor film / coating upon all metal & aluminum surfaces increases “slipperiness” for water to flow easier by reducing surface tension & friction.

• Electrolysis prevention through: 1) Coating and Insulation of metal parts to prevent electrical current 2) Acid and pH neutralization 3) Prevention of galvanic corrosion.

• Water-Moly & Anti-Wear Technology lubricates & protects water pump bearing, seal and shaft.

• Water pump efficiency, performance and life increased.

• Cleansing & anti-oxidation prevention including erosion, corrosion, rust, scale deposits & pitting.

• Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive when used in proper concentration.

• PH Neutralization of harmful acids to prevent glycol (anti-freeze) “green goo” or chemical break down.

• Will not affect gaskets and hoses.

• Will not lower coolant freeze point, nor to be used as a substitute for glycol (anti-freeze) alone.

• Always use distilled or R/O purified (pH / acid neutral) water to reduce impurities and contaminates which also increases treatment / chemical performance within the coolant system