SynMax 77702 - Super 777 ULFG High Performance Bearing Grease - 2oz (55g) Syringe

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2.00 (in)
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SynMax has developed this grease to perform and out perform all other brands. It has the least amount of drag co-efficiency and highest weld point of any other brand tested. 

ULFG Ultra Low Friction Grease

• Lowest Drag/Friction Co-Efficient
• Reduces rolling and slide resistance
• High RPM stability & durability
• High load & extreme duty capability
• Cooler bearing temperatures
• Longer bearing & component life
• Waterproof operations & protection
• CSC Calcium Sulfonate Complex

Just insert tip of the plastic syringe between the bearing cage and the in between the bearing rollers. Fill between every other bearing. With proper greasing this tube should be enough for 10 bearings.