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Power Steering Fluid  /  Power Steering Fluid 1 Qt

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SynMax™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid Applications:

Sold per Quart
12 Quarts per Case


  • Racing Power Steering Units such as KRC, Sweet, Jones and other Racing Units

  • Asphalt & Dirt Short Track, Super Speedway, Road Racing, Off-Road 4X4.

  • ALL OEM Factory power steering units which call for PSF or ATF where a hydraulic type fluid 10 or SAE 32 is specified.

  • GM, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai etc. Automotive Applications – Replacement.

  • Commercial Automotive such as Fleets, Truck and Heavy Duty Needs.



  •  Special combination of synthetic base oils with advanced formulations

  • Diamond Like Additive™ / Aerospace Technology

  • Premium performance & anti-wear protection.

  • Compatible with similar fluids both synthetic & petroleum.

  • Low -31F to High 400F operation temperature.

  • Poly X viscosity stability with oxidation & seal conditioning
    additives provide increased fluid pressure & longer life.

  • Premature fluid failures resulting in; cavitations, sponginess, foaming, boil over, burned fluid, or other conditions requiring filtration etc. is greatly reduced.

  • Vane pump, bearing, servo valve, piston surfaces are protected which allows friction reduction for the system to run cooler.

  • Provides smoother / consistent operations (while using less horsepower) with increased durability under automotive, commercial or extreme duty racing conditions.

  • For Peak Performance (because of dirt & contaminates) at Motor Oil Change replace used PSF w/ new (reservoir tank

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