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Engine Oil  /  Crate Engine Oil 5W40

Crate Engine Oil.jpg

602 & 604 ENGINE OIL - 5W40 1 QT


Off-the-shelf passenger car oil chemistry is not as desirable

for Crate engine racing applications, so factories recommend

a higher viscosity 15W50 to compensate for it's other short

comings while sacrificing horsepower.

To remedy this, SynMax™ 5W40 Crate Engine Oil not only reduces

parasitic drag found in heavier weight oils, but also provides the ultimate additive package designed just for crate engines, increasing the engines horsepower while reducing wear.

  • Low friction

  • Dissipates heat

  • Hydro-dynamic cushioning

  • Formulated for use in 602 & 604 Crate Engines


  • Corrosion inhibitor

  • Carbon deposit control

  • Lowers coefficient of friction

  • Hydrolytic stabilizer (resists moisture)

  • Provides hydro-dynamic pressure (floats rod and crankshaft bearing)

  • Maintains sufficient oil pressure to keep valve lifters fully pumped for 100% valve lift

  • Dissipates heat from rotating assemblies due to SynMax's proprietary additives and base oils.

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