Internal Clutch Trans Fluid  /  Bert Blue Magic



  • Sold by quart

  • 12 Quarts per Case


SynMax™ Bert Blue Magic (2 Speed Transmission Fluid) Material


Clutch Applications:

  • Bert 2 Speed Trans Multi-Disk ( Original Version )

  • Bert 2 Speed Trans Single Band ( New - Pro Version )

  • Falcon 2 Speed Trans Multi-Disk ( Original Version )

  • Brinn 2 Speed Trans Single Band ( New - Pro Version )

* NOTE: Brinn 2 Speed Trans ( Original Version ) with Brass Multi-Disk – ONLY USE SynMax 5w30 Racing Motor Oil


  • Bert Transmission OEM Approved product

  • Advanced formulation, specifically designed for both the Bert and Falcon 2 Speed racing transmission applications - which has internal multi-disk clutches with material (non-brass) clutch facings.

  • Increases “bite” upon racing clutch material facings while continually cleansing - pressure plate surfaces for aggressive / non-slip performance.

  • Aerospace anti-wear additives protect bearings, gears and metal components while quieting the high speed “whining” noise from internal clutch and spline shaft harmonic distortions.

  • Normally - Doubles Clutch Service Life.

  • Synthetic base oils with Poly-X technology increases fluid viscosity-stability between multi-disk clutch face plates for consistent pedal pressure and smooth shift performance with Cooler Operation Temperatures.

  • For the Special Designed 2 speed racing transmission as compared to using standard ATF automatic transmission fluid ( Ford Type-F or GM Dexron etc.).