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Gear Lube  /  Synthetic EP Gear Lube 75W110




SynMax™ Synthetic Racing EP Gear Lube 75W110
Sold per Gallon - 3 Gallons per Case


SynMax™ Full Synthetic 75w110 anti-wear oil is Specially designed for racing applications. This product utilizes a boron sulfate, zinc, calcium phosphorus and SynMax’s proprietary extreme pressure gear oil package that will provident excellent protection of the gear system, extreme pressures and torques found in racing applications. This product is formulated using a substantial volume of PAO base oil which will provide excellent oxidation and extreme thermal stability as well as enhanced flow properties.

75w110 viscosity has an increase film strength while causing reduction of parasitic drag compared to a 75w140 product, while lowering temperatures and wear.



Racing, Automotive, Commerical & Military Advanced Aerospace & Synthetic Technology.  SAE 75w140 EP Gear Lube - FULLY SYNTHETIC Ford 9-INCH, 12 & 14 Bolt Dana / Spicer HD Truck DRIVE AXLE with DIFFERENTIAL - LOCKER.  SAE 75w110 EP Gear Lube - FULLY SYNTHETIC QUICK CHANGE or Standard (NON Differential - Locker) Universal for Racing / Standard Manual Transmission. POSI CLUTCHES: Require Additional Anti-Slip Additive.  Fully Synthetic with Aerospace PAO base oils provide both Cold Flow & High Temperature Operation Reliability Premium Viscosity durability for Oil Film / Barrier Stability. Diamond Like Additive (DLA) Aerospace Technology is the most Advanced Liquid Metal Surface Treatment Available as used within SynMax Products. DLA provides Lowest Co-Efficient of Friction & Highest Anti-Wear protection for superior metal surface performance 3Xs better as compared to Moly alone. Design for the Extreme Pressure “Shock Load” & Hypoid / Ring & Pinion requirement. Like a Sponge that opens & closes its pores, with heat & cooling cycles metal also expands & contracts; this natural (micron metal sponge) process allows the embedding of Nano DLA particles into the Metal Surface. Diamond Like Additive (DLA) in use with Time, Friction & Heat physically absorbs into carbonate steel & metal surfaces. DLA in EP Gear Lube continually refreshes upon metal surfaces. DLA extends life cycle performance of differential - Locker, Ring & Pinion, Bearings, Gears & Axle components. DLA Lowers Friction / Reduces Rolling Resistance & Decreases Wear. Aerospace Advantage with Heat Transfer Performance: Lowers Gear Lube & Overall Drive Axle Component Temperatures. For exact Gear Lube application;consult Drive Axle OEM / MFG, builder etc. or Technical presentations@SynMaxUniversity.

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