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Engine Oil  /  Synthetic Racing Oil 5W30

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5W30 1 GAL


SynMax™ 5W30 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil
Sold per Gallon - 3 Gallons per Case




All engine applications which require 0w30 or 5W30 oil as required or suggested by engine builder with SOLID - FLAT TAPPET OR ROLLER LIFTER - VALVE TRAIN. Standard 350 – 400 CI Racing Engines with SOLID LIFER including but not restricted to: “Series Specification” or “ Crate” motors including: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge. Including but not restricted to: Short Track, Late Model, IMCA, Hobby Stock, Grand National. NASCAR Old or Current Fuel Injection Design Race Engines for: Cup, Busch or Truck Series: Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Dodge (where 5w30 specified). ILMOR 396 – ARCA specification (where 5w30 specified). USAF 2000 - Indy Spec Race Engine ( 2L ); Indy Lights Mazda; Roush 2L Spec Racer Ford other Sportscar Applications (where 5w30 specified). SPECIFIC FOR PROFESSIONAL USE IN COMPETITION RACE ENGINES ONLY. SynMax - Synthetic Racing Motor Oil 5W30 also can be used with the BRINN 2 Speed with Brass Multi-Disk Clutches.



  • 100% Full Synthetic with Aerospace base oils.

  • High Zinc / ZDDP & SynMax anti-wear formulation

  • Diamond Like Additive (DLA) Aerospace Advantage greatly decreases overall friction while increasing component durability

  • Poly-X Premium Viscosity Stability package

  • Superior flat tappet, roller cam & valve train protection

  • Operates cooler with increased oil pressure results.

  • Performance Repeatability over the Service life of the Engine

  • Oil Operation Temperatures: 220°F to 280°F


* ( Not For Street Application Use )

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